proper dosa topped with chiken and egg treats as complete street food flovour.

Eggs 2 Numbers
Onion 1 Numbers
Coriander leaves 2 Tablespoons
Green chillies 2-3 Numbers
Spring onions 1 Tablespoons
Salt – 0
Chicken pieces, boiled 1 Cup
Rice, regular 2 Cup
Sago pearls or Sabudana 1 Cup
Urad dal 1 Cup
Oil for frying 3-4 Tablespoons

1.Break two eggs in a bowl, add finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, green chillies, spring onions, little salt, boiled chicken pieces, mix well and keep aside.
2.Soak rice, sago pearls, urad dal, separately in water for about 4 hours, drain the water and blend to a fine paste.
3.Keep this batter in a warm place to ferment (for 10 €“ 12 hrs) and then use to make the dosa. Add little salt and mix well.
4.Take a spoon full of batter and pour it onto a hot tawa, spread evenly in circular motion to make a slightly thick dosa.
5.Take the egg and chicken mixture and spread all over the dosa. 6.Drizzle some oil on the side and centre of the dosa.
7.Cover the dosa with a lid and allow cooking for 2 minutes.
8.Fold the dosa from one side and cook for a minute and transfer to a plate. Cut them in triangular shape and serve hot

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