veg imitation of kheema samosa made with soya granuels and achana dal.

All-purpose flour 2 Cup
Whole wheat flour 1 Cup
Salt 1 0
Oil 1 Teaspoons
Water 1/2 Cup
Oil 1/2 Teaspoons
Onions, chopped 1 Numbers
Salt 1 0
Soya granules 1 Cup
Red chilli powder 1/2 Teaspoons
Coriander powder 1/4 Teaspoons
Chana dal, soaked & boiled 1/2 Cup
Coriander leaves, chopped 1 Bunch
Mint leaves, chopped 1/2 Bunch
Garam masala 1 Pinch
Lime juice 1 Numbers

1. For the stuffing, add very little oil in a pan, add chopped onions, salt and salt the onions until translucent. Add in some chopped ginger and garlic and salt.
2. Add little turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, soya granules (soak in water and drained), chopped mint leaves, coriander leaves and chana dal (boiled & drained). Cook this well till the moisture is completely gone. Sprinkle very little garam masala and lime juice. Switch off the flame.
3. Transfer the stuffing onto a plate to cool.
4. Take 2 cups of all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl, add 1 cup of whole wheat flour, little salt, and oil. Add little water, mix and make soft dough.
5. Cover the dough with a wet cloth and rest it for 15-20 minutes.
6. Divide the dough into smaller portions and again cover and rest it for 15 minutes.
7. Spread some flour on the table and with help of the rolling pin, roll the dough into a very thin sheet.
8. Heat a tawa and once the tawa is really hot, place the roti and just fry it on both sides for just few seconds.
9. Remove and trim the edges and cut them into long strips. Cut the long sheet into two and wrap them in a wet cloth.
10.Take a thin sheet and fold the sheet in triangle shape and stuff the mixture inside. Apply some maida paste on one side of the sheet and seal the edges well.
11.Deep fry these samosas in hot oil until they are crisp and golden in color.

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