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Kerala parotta is similar to north India’s Laccha Paratha. The only difference is that Kerala Parottaa is made of Maida(flour) and requires more amount of kneading to prepare a very soft dough.

Ingredients :

egg 1 n
salt to taste
sugar ½ ts
All purpose flour 1 cup
milk ½ cup

take a bowl add egg whisk it well and add salt, sugar again mix and add flour, make it a soft dough and knead it well, rest it for 5 minutes .
Then again knead it, divide the dough into equal roundels, Roll each dough ball out as thin as you can. If you can, flip and flap it gently to a thin sheet.and apply oil or ghee and twist and coin them into one ball.
And again roll the dough with the help of the rolling pin and place the paratha on the hot griddle and cook this paratha on both sides till light brown colour,

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