How to make Japanese food ”Takikomi Gohan”


My mistake : Not 1/2 tbsp soy sauce, it’s actually 1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce.

Ingredients for serving 3 – 4 (3~4人分)

For Dashi stock
: 300ml water (300cc 水)
: Konbu kelp (昆布)
: Katsuobushi Bonito flake (かつお節)

: 50g carrot (にんじん)
: 2 Shiitake mushroom (しいたけ2枚)
: 50g Konnyaku (1/3蒟蒻)
: 80g Chicken (鶏肉)
: 50g Gobo burdock (ごぼう)

: 1/2tsp salt (小1/2 塩)  
: 1/2tsp sugar (小1/2 砂糖)
: 1 1/2tbsp soy sauce (大1.5 醤油)
: 2tbsp sake (大2 酒) 

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