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Foogath is the term used for any vegetable dish made with coconut and curry leaves. The ingredients are few and the recipe simple as can be.

Cabbage foogath is a simple stiry fry curry dish, cabbage mildly spiced, flavoured with curry leaves and fresh grated coconut.This dish is more like poriyal and very popular cuisine from goa and manglore and cooked with cabbage and grated coconut and very mild flavor nice and juicy and tempered.


500 grams cabbage

55 grams coconut

1 number curry leaves

6 grams green chillies

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

25 ml oil

50 grams onions

to taste salt


1. Chop or shred cabbage .

2. Chop onion and green chillies .

3. Heat oil ,add mustard seeds .

4. When mustard seeds crackle ,add chopped onion ,green chillies and currry leaves .Saute .

5. Add cabbage and salt .

6. Cook on a slow fire till cabbage is tender . Stir constantly and sprinkle a little water if necessary .

7. Add grated coconut ,cook a little longer,stir well ,remove from fire and serve hot.

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